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How do bumpers affect insurance costs?

Bumpers play a significant role in insurance costs because so many physical damage claims are for relatively small amounts of damage involving the front or rear of vehicles -- damage that a well designed bumper could prevent.  For example, half of all collision claims for new model cars are $1,500 or less. Repair costs for these minor incidents are a major factor in overall collision coverage insurance costs.

 How can consumers tell if a car has a good bumper?

Consumers cannot tell a good bumper from a bad one by looking at it. The federal government does not require automakers to disclose information about bumper performance.  Only California and Hawaii have bumper disclosure laws; manufacturers who advertise in these states that they exceed the federal standard must be specific about the speed at which they provide protection.  Many manufacturers voluntarily include bumper performance information on window stickers of new passenger cars sold in the United States. The Institute conducts four 5 mph crash tests to assess bumper performance: front-into-flat-barrier, rear-into-flat-barrier, front-into-angle-barrier, and rear-into-pole.  These low-speed tests reflect the range of impacts that frequently occur in commuter traffic and parking lots.


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New technology has allowed us to offer restoration of clouded and/or hazed headlamps with a written lifetime guarantee!


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