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Auto Bumper Repair Only

If you have had an incident where your bumper gets scratched or damaged in any way, we have an alternative solution to repairing it. We bumper specialist repair shops do just that, repair bumpers, dents, scratch’s, you name it. And we can do it for a fraction of the cost of a full line body and fender repair shop.

There is a legitimate reason why an auto paint, body fender business cost is always higher then we imagined, they are not rip-offs. To repair, replace, and straighten out what goes on after a traffic accident or any type of accident involving your vehicle you would be amazed at what they have to do and what is involved to make your vehicle look new again.

So, why pay more, it is in your best interest to locate the closest bumper only repair shop in your area and get a quote and I believe you will be surprised at the difference between us and your local body and fender repair shop.

Automobile bumpers are built to withstand up to a 5 MPH crash without damage. This is not done to ensure the safety of the occupant but rather to protect and limit the damage to the bumpers, keeping the cost of repair to a minimum. Many times, a vehicle to vehicle impacts can sustain an impact of 8 to 9 MPH before there’s recognizable damage to the motor vehicle. However, and this is a provable fact, when the bumper doesn’t crumble and absorb the force of the impact - - more of that crash is felt by the occupants.

Most plastic bumpers can be salvaged and repaired, including bumper covers, saving you precious time and money, and allowing the original aesthetic to remain intact. Additionally, preserving your original bumper makes the re-painting and blending process much smoother and more accurate. Many body shops these days will simply throw away a damaged bumper and charge you to install a new one. Not only does this cost you more money, but it creates more waste and often has mixed cosmetic results.

Many people are unaware of the service out there for such repairs and at a much more reasonable cost. Before you bring your repairs in for its repairs just get an estimate and then do the same with a local bumper only repair shop and then do your comparisons. Many shops of this nature have been doing this for over 25 yrs. and have the professionalism of any full body shop in your town.

With saving a considerable amount of money you will also be helping the environment because the full line body and fender shops will pull off your old bumper and throw it to the pile that goes off to the land fill. We bumper only repair shops preserve your bumper with the repairs we do and save the earth one bumper at a time.

You can see why bumper manufacturing companies and auto repair facilities are smiling. The average number of plastic bumpers being replaced each year is over 8 million with the average cost to replace one is $900/plus. 

So, again our suggestion to you all is to get that estimate from a bumper only repair shop along with your other quotes and you be the judge!