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Are all bumpers the same?                                                                                                  

No.  Bumpers vary a lot in terms of both components and performance.  This is true among cars of similar size and type and among cars from the same automaker.  Some bumper designs put more emphasis on style than protection.  For example, some car designers object to bumpers projecting beyond body parts -- sometimes referred to as bumper overhang.  As a result, even the most minor collisions can mean expensive damage.  Lights built into bumpers may be stylish, too, but they can sustain damage in low-speed crashes.  

 What are the Federal regulations for bumpers?

49 CFR Part 581, "The bumper standard," prescribes performance requirements for passenger cars in low-speed front and rear collisions.  It applies to front and rear bumpers on passenger cars to prevent the damage to the car body and safety related equipment at barrier impact speeds of 2½ mph across the full width and 1½ mph on the corners.

This is equivalent to a 5 mph crash into a parked vehicle of the same weight.  The standard requires protection in the region 16 to 20 inches above the road surface and the manufacturer can provide the protection by any means it wants.  For example, some vehicles do not have a solid bumper across the vehicle, but meet the standard by strategically placed bumper guards and corner guards.


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