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Expert Bumper Repairs in Denver



When cars collide with other cars, their bumpers usually line up pretty well. But in SUV-to-car crashes, the bumpers often don't match up at all, and the result is thousands of dollars of unnecessary damage in low-speed crashes.

One big difference is that the Explorer's bumpers line up pretty well with those on cars, so when this SUV hits a car or a car hits it, the bumpers on both vehicles engage instead of over- and underriding each other. Once engaged, the bumpers absorb a lot of energy, protecting the vehicles from expensive-to-repair damage to safety-related parts and sheet metal.

Federal bumper requirements apply only to passenger cars.  There are no federal standards for vans, pickup trucks, or SUVs.


We also offer Headlight Restoration:

New technology has allowed us to offer restoration of clouded and/or hazed headlamps with a written lifetime guarantee!


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