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Auto Bumper Scratch or Dent

There are dozens and dozens of ads telling one how to repair your plastic auto bumper if scratched or dented. Yes, there are quite of few people out there that will attempt this and some will be successful and many will fail. You want to save money next time you have a minor accident or incident with your plastic auto bumper seek out a bumper repair. Not an auto body shop, an outfit that repairs bumpers as their main specialty. They will be the ones that will save you money.

Traditional bumper repair can be costly in terms of both time and money. Most bumper repair service shops utilize state of the art techniques to ensure they can repair your bumper without costly removal or replacement.

Many offer same day turn-around, guaranteed quality work and 40% to 70% lower costs than traditional body shop and insurance claim channels has brought us many enthusiastic customers!

The philosophy shared by many of the bumper repair shops is that of offering honest advice, saving the customer money and taking great pride in doing the job to the highest standards possible (and guaranteeing it). Repair rather than replacement is ecologically friendly and keeps automotive waste out of the landfill while keeping money in your pocket.

Again, the DIY market in any trade has its value’s however before you go wasting your money on supplies and tools you may never need again, check out your local bumper repair shop and I think you will be impressed with the comparison between your other options.

Auto insurance coverage: If you included collision coverage when buying car insurance, it would take care of your auto body repair, subject to your deductible. If you also damaged the telephone pole, your liability coverage, which is required by law, would pay for that repair. Remember that your insurance doesn’t start to pay out until you’ve surpassed your deductible amount. So if the cost of repairs is $450 and your deductible is $500, there is little reason to make a claim. Even if the repair costs are $600, you may want to pay out-of-pocket rather than making a claim for $100 and potentially incurring an increase in future car insurance rates. You may want to think this one through thoroughly and check your policy before making that call.

This is an example of what they want you to think it’s definitely going to cost and more most likely:

Due to a multitude of variables, collision repair and repainting costs can vary extensively-and many folks have no idea what that range of cost can be.  Here's are some basics, assuming that you want complete and "like-new" repair & repainting:

Simply repainting any one panel (e.g. bumper or fender) starts at over $400, not including any necessary bodywork, dismantling, or detrimming.

A bumper scratch starts around $700, and can easily exceed $1000

The national average insurance claim for collision repair on a late-model vehicle is $4439, the average for all vehicles is $3144.

The average customer pay ticket at an average body shop is $775

This above is not necessary when you bring your car in for an estimate for your plastic bumper scratch or dent it will be so different from what you read above, it sure is worth the try to investigate your local bumper repair shop before entering the pitfall of a body shop. Now don’t get me wrong, the body shop is a needed commodity, however, for a bumper repair we disagree, so be curious and go the step further and come see what these bumper repair shops are all about, I feel you will be more than satisfied.