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Repairing Plastic Automotive Bumpers 

Automotive plastics such as bumpers, body side moldings, and small parts do not have to be repaired and or replaced by a full-service body shop and pay their full prices!

Many people are unaware of the service out there for such repairs and at a much more reasonable cost. Before you bring your repairs in for an estimate at one of these full auto body shops look up your local bumper repair shop and be surprised. Many shops of this nature have been doing this for over 25 yrs. and have the professionalism of any full body shop in your town.

As you’ve been driving, you’ve probably seen broken bumpers from time to time. You’ve seen bumpers with cracks or bumpers hanging precariously, lashed to the otherwise fine car with a pair of bungee cords. You might even have a broken bumper yourself. Often small accidents cause just enough bumper damage to be noticed but not enough to ruin the car.

If you do have a broken bumper, you might be tempted to leave it as is. The damage doesn’t seem bad enough to demand immediate attention. However, broken bumpers still pose a risk. Bumpers protect your car, and if you have another accident, your car might also suffer damage.

Now your internet is full of how to DIY lessons and video’s, but let’s face it we are not all born with the knack of doing such things that ever come out looking even halfway good. And time is another factor, I know so many times I have tried to do something myself on my auto and it ended up taking twice if not more time and money, lol, not funny but true.

Your professional plastic auto bumper repair shop does it right and professionally and sometimes in one day, depending on the severity of the damage.

And it is also a green business, repair rather than replacement is ecologically friendly and keeps automotive waste out of the landfill while keeping money in your pocket.

Most plastic bumpers can be salvaged and repaired, including bumper covers, saving you precious time and money, and allowing the original aesthetic to remain intact. Additionally, preserving your original bumper makes the re-painting and blending process much more smooth and accurate. Many body shops these days will simply throw away a damaged bumper and charge you to install a new one. Not only does this cost you more money, but it creates more waste and often has mixed cosmetic results.

Whether your vehicle’s bumper is a thermoset or thermoplastic type or made of rigid or semi-rigid plastic. Professional plastic bumper repair shops don’t cut corners or try to sell you something you don’t need. Instead, they are committed to doing the finest work in the industry, while keeping the integrity of your vehicle intact. Proper bumper repair takes patience, experience, and a careful hand, so don’t go to just any neighborhood body shop to have it done!


Typical costs:

Replacing a typical passenger car bumper can cost $100-$1,000 or more for just the bumper, depending on the year, make and model of vehicle; the material the bumper is made of; and whether the bumper was produced by the vehicle's original manufacturer (OEM) or is an aftermarket bumper made by other companies.

Installing and painting the new bumper can cost $200-$600 or more, bringing average total costs to $300-$1,600 or more.

Bumpers for SUVs, pickup trucks and luxury vehicles can cost more, again depending on materials and source. Auto Parts Warehouse estimates that a basic steel chrome-plated bumper can cost $120-$1,000 or more, while a carbon fiber bumper might be $650-$5,000 or more. On Prius Chat, Prius owners report charges of $400-$1,100 to replace a bumper.

Aftermarket car bumpers can be priced as low as $30-$80, but Consumer Reports warns that car parts produced in overseas factories can be of significantly poor quality, and maybe a safety risk in a collision.