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Bumper Dents and Scratches

You're slowly pulling out of your parking space at the store when you realize that what you thought was a puddle is, in fact, a patch of ice. Your brakes are useless, as your car slowly slides and skids and gracefully glides into a telephone pole. Your front bumper is scratched and dented. Now Scrapes, scruffs, dents, scratches, and gouges on your bumper take away from your vehicle's curb appeal and value. You certainly want it fixed but you remember the last time you had to pay for auto body repairs and your budget is a little bit tight right now. What to do?

There is a legitimate reason why an auto paint, body fender business cost is always higher then we imagined, they are not rip-offs. To repair, replace, and straighten out what goes on after a traffic accident or any type of accident involving your vehicle you would be amazed at what they have to do and what is involved to make your vehicle look new again.

We are only here to say that if it’s just your bumper that has taken the brunt of a small tap, scrape, or whatever damage has occurred to your bumper we can repair it for less. We are not a paint your whole car shop, we do not repair and or replace your fenders, we repair your plastic bumper, body side moldings and some small parts only!

The two most frequent vehicle accidents are getting hit while parked and rear end collision. For the rear end collision, approximately 75% of them are less than 10 miles per hour, 94% occur on straight roads and most are direct hits. The average claim is less than $1,500.

Just from the 5 miles per hour "rear into pole" crash tests done by the insurance institute for Highway Safety, the best rear bumper on a pickup truck sustained $600 damage in 2004 (the last time the IIHS tested pickup trucks) and the worst sustained over $2,000 damage. SUV bumpers had, even more, damage in this walking speed accident with the worst sustaining over $4,000 damage.

You can see why bumper manufacturing companies and auto repair facilities are smiling. The average number of plastic bumpers being replaced each year is over 8 million with the average cost to repair a plastic bumper $450 and the average cost to replace one is $900. And what are they made of - thin metal, plastic, fiberglass and even foam - very flimsy stuff. Today, if you hit the bumper, you hit the car. And there are thousands of tailgaters, inattentive, distracted, drivers, drivers with poor judgment and lousy-stinking parallel parkers out there just ready to wreck your vehicle.

Automobile bumpers are built to withstand up to a 5 MPH crash without damage. This is not done to ensure the safety of the occupant but rather to protect and limit the damage to the bumpers, keeping the cost of repair to a minimum. Many times, a vehicle to vehicle impacts can sustain an impact of 8 to 9 MPH before there’s recognizable damage to the motor vehicle. However, and this is a provable fact, when the bumper doesn’t crumble and absorb the force of the impact - - more of that crash is felt by the occupants.

Keep in mind that this is what we do for a living, we specialize in bumper repair, we cut the cost of the major repair industry shops, we use top of the line equipment and in some cases, can do this all in a day. So, before you go running to a body and fender shop just to get your bumper repaired consider your local bumper repair shop, remember a lot of body fender shops advertise bumper repair so their website will pop up in a search, make sure your dealing with the bumper only repair shop in your city or town.