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Headlight Restoration

If you have noticed your headlights seem dimmer and the plastic protective casing looks cloudy, your car may need some headlight restoration to clear and brighten them up.

Have you noticed your headlights seem a little dim lately? Maybe you are having trouble seeing at night because they have become so dark. You may even have tried replacing the bulbs with no visible results. The problem isn’t electrical, but rather with the plastic casing that protects them. Reinstallation is a cheap and effective fix that can help you light the way once again. For severe damage, you might need to contact a professional headlight restoration service, but there are also some no-fuss methods available on the market for an inexpensive and quick solution.

So why exactly are your headlights damaged? Plastic isn’t the most resilient of surfaces. It can get scratched easily (especially if you’ve had past accidents) and a small leak on the side can cause dirt and debris to collect on the inside. The elements will also cause moisture to collect and the inside of the plastic to yellow and discolor, which will then work like a dimming filer for your headlights. Restoration aims to fix these problems so that your lights shine as brightly as they should.

How can you do it yourself? If the problem is on the outside, you may just require a quick clean.

First, examine the plastic for any scratches or dings. If it is smooth, that is one less problem to worry about. Use a bit of glass cleaner that you’d use on mirrors or in your bathroom and wipe the surface clean with a paper towel.

Test your lights. If you notice an improvement—you are done! If it still appears dim or cloudy, you may want to use a special plastic cleaner and wax to give it a higher polish and sheen. These can be purchased at auto repair stores. When using them, be careful not to get any on the rest of the car as it could cause damage. Some masking tape around the headlight border can help protect it. You may want to use a rotary buffer to ensure the smoothest polish possible.

If you do have scratches on the surface, it may be better to have headlight restoration specialist handle it, but some people have successfully used an electric sander to gently smooth away some superficial scratches. This technique can cause more damage than intended if you aren’t careful and is not suggested for novices.

If the problem lies on the inside of your headlights, you might need a more complex fix. Removing the casing is a tricky business. A professional headlight restoration service can easily remove the casing without damage and can clean and buff any scratches out of the inside as well as the outside, leaving them looking like new. You may want to shop around and for the best price.

If you have some very deep scratches, you may be better off purchasing new casing rather than going through the process of headlight restoration. Once the project is complete, your headlights should appear very clear without any cloudy appearance, and your lights will be quite bright.

We suggest you beware of the so many kits and gizmos on the internet to do it yourself. Not saying that someone out there is not capable of such a thing, however, in our experience, we have found it not to be the case. We have restored many a headlight and experience takes precedent to the first time trier. Look up your local headlight repair shop and get an estimate before you waste your hard-earned money on that diy maybe going to fix it kit.