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February 21, 2017

Auto Parts Issues and Concerns

Generic car parts are far cheaper than those from the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM). The American Insurance Association estimates that generic parts save consumers up to $2.4 billion every year. A study comparing individual parts by the Quality Parts Coalition showed variances between OEM and alternatives as high as 50 percent, for a Nissan Altima front bumper cover, or 41 percent on a...
January 21, 2017

Bumper Repair Versus Replacement

If you’re involved in a collision and your car bumper is damaged, your car insurance should be able to cover the cost of repairs. Over the year’s bumpers have increased in size, effectiveness and aesthetic appeal. As a result, they’re now more costly to repair or replace so it is worth checking specifications relating to bodywork in your car insurance policy. The UK is home to many car insurance...
December 16, 2016

Bumpers and Recycling

Repair your auto bumper today rather than replacement is ecologically friendly and keeps automotive waste out of the landfill while it also saves on your expenses for the overall fee of returning your auto back to its original condition. Read here for some up to date information concerning the auto bumper and more auto parts and there roll in the recycling of goods to help the planet and talked...
November 08, 2016

The Bumper Evolution

While at the auto parts store yesterday I hear a man yell who owns the black SUV, well I do I said. Turns out he tapped it while backing out, we exchanged insurance information and I went by the local auto body fender business the next day for an estimate. Nine hundred dollars and change to replace the whole rear bumper caused by a tap that, if it had been a ’55 caddy tapping a ’55 Chrysler,...
October 06, 2016

Whatever Happened to the Water Bumper?

Passenger vehicles are rolling another big mile toward safe driving. In a special showing recently, 1970 fleet models displayed what may be a major advance in automotive safety: rugged, water-filled plastic bumpers. The national bill for automobile repairs amounts to some $5- to $6-billion per year. A good 53% of this staggering figure represents repairs (under $500) where the accidents rarely...
September 22, 2016

Safety, Laws and some Truth

To meet federal rules, car bumpers must be 16 to 20 inches off the ground and limit the amount of damage that can be sustained in a low-speed crash. The idea is to ensure that the bumpers on colliding cars engage, absorbing most of the energy of the impact and keeping damage away from expensive-to-repair parts like fenders, grilles, headlights, and taillights. Car bumper rules don't apply to...
September 08, 2016

Bumpers Today Can Be Repaired

Repair or replace? Since the early 1990’s there has been ways to repair bumpers instead of replacing them. Not all people are aware of this and there are business’s that will of course not tell you. Most if not all cars and trucks have the same type of bumpers today that will dent very easily and or scratch easily. Most repair shops want to replace them right away. You have some choices today;...
August 23, 2016

Crash Avoidance Technologies

Many new vehicles offer advanced crash avoidance features. The systems started out as options on a few luxury models and have steadily spread to more of the fleet. Advanced technologies assist the driver with warnings or automatic braking to help avoid or mitigate a crash. These include front crash prevention, lane departure warning, blind spot detection, adaptive headlights and park assist and...
August 06, 2016

Low Speed Auto Collisions and their Effects

Approximately 12.8 million motor vehicle accidents involving 22 million vehicles in the United States.This amounts to well over one crash per second. Let’s take a look at these impacts and the gazillion injuries they caused. LOW SPEED IMPACTS: These are crashes that are considered to be any collision that takes place at speeds under 10 MPH. While there is absolutely no justification to call it a...
July 21, 2016

Surveys and Statistics on Bumper Damage/Repair

A survey of vehicles brought to five insurance drive-in claims centers in the Washington, D.C., metropolitan area was used to examine the types and amounts of vehicle damage sustained in relatively minor front and rear crashes. The sample of 509 vehicles included cars (67 percent), small and midsize sport utility vehicles (SUVs) (23 percent), and minivans (10 percent) of vehicle makes and models...