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January 20, 2016

What Materials are Used for a Automobile Bumpers

Modern bumpers are made with a combination of materials.  The first element is an impact absorbing spring device, usually gas-filled cartridges which mount the front bumper to the chassis.  This allows the bumper system to absorb minor impacts without any damage. The next part is the steel or aluminum support structure, which is a lateral beam. On top of that is a honeycomb or egg-crate shaped...
January 06, 2016

When Bumpers on Cars and SUVs don't line up, Part III:

Rules apply to cars only, not SUVs A federal standard specifies a zone on cars for bumper protection extending from 16 to 20 inches off the ground. This means car bumpers line up reasonably well. When two cars collide at low speeds, the bumpers are more likely to engage. Then they have a chance to absorb energy and prevent damage. But no such bumper requirements apply to SUVs, pickup trucks, or...
December 16, 2015

When Bumpers on Cars and SUVs don't line up, Part II:

Less damage to Fords In both car-into-SUV and SUV-into-car tests, the vehicles with the lowest repair costs, by far, were the Fords. This is almost entirely because the bumpers on the two Fords match up better than the bumpers on the other vehicles. Virtually none of the damage from the Explorer-into-Taurus impact was apparent during a cursory inspection after the crash. The damage was hidden...
December 03, 2015

When Bumpers on Cars and SUVs don't line up

Low-speed front-into-rear crashes occur frequently in urban traffic, and the vehicles often sustain expensive damage. Bumpers can reduce this damage, but only if they line up so the initial contact in an impact is bumper to bumper. Then the bumpers on the colliding vehicles have to absorb the crash energy, keeping damage away from expensive sheet metal, lights, and other components. Car bumpers...
November 17, 2015

Why Repair Plastics?

An entire industry has risen out of what we throw away. Yeah, that’s right, remanufactured bumper covers. How did this happen? Most likely, someone ventured out of his comfort zone and tried to repair a bumper cover without studying or researching the repair process for a successful repair, did a “cobbled up” job that failed and vowed, “Never again!” He started throwing away repairable covers...
November 07, 2015

Denver Expert Bumper Repair

FIRST CHOICE RECONDITIONING Bumper Repair/Headlight Restoration Mobile Business Opportunity --------------------------------------------- What are car bumpers made out of? The main function of a bumper is to protect the car's body in a slight collision, typically at parking speed. The bumper structure on modern automobiles generally consists of a plastic cover over a reinforcement bar made of...
October 20, 2015

Denver Quality Bumper Repair

FIRST CHOICE RECONDITIONING Bumper Repair/Headlight Restoration Mobile Business Opportunity --------------------------------------------- Want to save money, who doesn’t? Don’t listen to all those shops telling you that you have to get a new bumper because they don’t know how to repair them. Come to us and we shall show you how we can repair and how much, which will probably surprise you. Yes, it...
October 07, 2015

Finest Bumper Repair in Denver

FIRST CHOICE RECONDITIONING --------------------------------------------- History of the bumper sticker: Stickers have long been used to convey messages, including political and informational messages, on various surfaces that they might be placed. The introduction of stickers made specifically for the purpose of placement on vehicle bumpers necessarily date roughly with the introduction of the...
September 22, 2015

Bumper Repair Excellence in Denver

FIRST CHOICE RECONDITIONING --------------------------------------------- Our cars and trucks cost us all enough as it is, from payments to insurance, gas, and if out of warranty, repairs. So when and if you ever have an incident concerning your bumper let us save you some money before you go to the traditional body shop and the insurance claims channels. We have over 20yrs. experience repairing...
September 07, 2015

Denver Bumper Repair Specialist

FIRST CHOICE RECONDITIONING --------------------------------------------- Development process of new bumper beam for passenger car: Bumper beam absorbs the accidental kinetic energy by deflection in low-speed impact and by deformation in high-speed impact. The safety regulations "low-, and high-speed, and pedestrian impacts" along with new environmental restrictions "end-of-life vehicles"...